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Da' Guys


I'm talking to all my guys out there, this is just me and you talking here...


I know you're probably not quite as excited about spending any amount of time in front of my camera, or anyone's camera for that matter. LOL It's ok.  I get you.  


A lot of my guys show up to their shoot as a HUGE favor to their mom.  I get it.  I'm a #boymom, so I understand.  I love that you're doing this selfless thing for your sweet mama. I get that you're planning to just show up and go through the motions and JUST. GET. THROUGH. IT.  But I wanna share a little something with you.  Most of my guys show up to their session with that same plan. But guess what?  I'm on YOUR team.  I'll lead you through your shoot the entire time. I'll show you the back of my camera (a lot) you'll SEE how amazing you're doing (and looking!!!) and that's when you start feeling more and more confident with your posing and you'll be learning all your best angles along the way... it all starts to fall into place.  And you know what else?  You'll actually have FUN, oh and and get some AMAZING images at the same time... trust me, I got your back.  


Check out some of my guys' gallery snippets here.... let me know what kind of look speaks to you.  



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